The RealPoll is an annual research study undertaken by the Centre for Applied Political Psychology that works to elucidate key political behaviours and drivers behind opinion. The aim of the RealPoll is to combine social psychology with regular polling methods to bring an unprecedented level of understanding to the causes behind political behaviour and opinions in our democracy. Our vision is to bring better information about political phenomena to the public sphere and to deliver that information to citizens and smaller, progressive groups who don't have the large budgets of mainstream opponents. CAPP is a progressive, research organisation working to understand political behaviour to promote a more ethical and democratic society.

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Results rolling out – June 2016 RealPoll

The mid-year RealPoll has been successful for the massive sample size and huge dataset attained across a range of issues pertinent to the political contests underway in Australia. Four contributors signed on to receive focussed research design and analysis for their information gathering purposes. The rest of the space in this research was completed by… Continue Reading


The Centre for Applied Political Psychology (CAPP) employ statistically and scientifically rigorous research methods. Researchers at CAPP are experienced, published social psychologists and statisticians, and the methods employed are informed by best practice in scientific psychology and statistics.

In order to achieve a representative sample, data is weighted according to ABS data by demographic factors such as age, gender and region.