Results rolling out – June 2016 RealPoll

The mid-year RealPoll has been successful for the massive sample size and huge dataset attained across a range of issues pertinent to the political contests underway in Australia. Four contributors signed on to receive focussed research design and analysis for their information gathering purposes. The rest of the space in this research was completed by… Continue reading →

Data collected – June 2016 RealPoll

Held during the Australian federal election campaign, the mid-2016 RealPoll is encompassing topics across social, cultural and political spaces. With a sample size of 2998 people across Australia, researchers will be able to uncover a large array of opinion from topics as diverse as: Domestic work and gender roles, Solar energy support, Marriage equality support,… Continue reading →

RealPoll announced for Australian election campaign

A RealPoll occuring during the Australian election campaign has just been announced. Scheduled for June 2016, several contributors have expressed interest and are working with RealPoll researchers to design sections to learn about public opinion and political behaviour in the lead up to the election on July 2nd. Matthew Farrugia, lead research director, from the… Continue reading →